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My name is Saren Dobkins and I am a contemporary artist currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from Zambia, my experiences and personal philosophy have served to guide and influence the way I paint. Please enjoy looking around my website and sharing my journey as an artist.

View works that are current and available from the Studio or survey my works chronologically from 1992 to 2014. If you would like to visit the Studio please contact me or see the newsletter form below to let me know if you are interested in attending my exhibitions.

Latest Work

Collecting Memories
89 x 89cm
oil on linen

Our past can appear like a vista, viewed from up high. A fertile land full of memories. Some are like precious fruit, and we pick them so we can carry them around with us, always there to be recalled.

Collecting Memories

Selection of Current works

Cards and Prints are Available

Order Art cards and Prints of your favourite images to send to your friends or mount them for yourself.

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Cards from Red Bubble

A Book of Paintings
by Saren Dobkins

A collection of works by Saren Dobkins covering over 26 years of her artistic practice. This publication includes an introduction, foreword by Edwina Bartlem and a thematic approach that showcases over 80 paintings. This is a fine introduction to her work. 

Order your copy now through

Paintings on Blurb

View my work
@ Saatchi Online

If you would like to have the artwork reproduced as good quality prints and delivered this is a great place to start. Any inquiries, please ask me.

My Saatchi Online art page..

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