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Noosa Open Studio Artworks

Browse the gallery then drop in!

Welcome to the  Studio

I have curated around 50 paintings for the Open Studios Art Trail.

If you would like to download a catalogue please click here.


Saren spent her first thirteen years in Zambia, Africa before she emigrated with her family to Perth, Australia in 1976. Since then, she has lived in several Australian cities, including Adelaide,
Alice Springs, Geelong, Brisbane, Melbourne and currently resides in Noosa, Queensland.

She traveled extensively; spent time on kibbutzim in Israel, backpacked through Europe
before she settled back in Australia with her family.

She acquired many diverse skills and interests including shoe-making, jewelery, photography and design, but it was painting that was the main and abiding interest. Essentially self-taught, influenced by African sculpture and Aboriginal interpretation of landscape, Modernism and Expressionism combined with a deep love of literature she set out on her own path to create images that would express her journey. Her first show in 1986 in Adelaide was highly successful and she has gone on to show her work in over thirty exhibitions, both in Australia and overseas.

Her paintings are underpinned by an interest in ecology, politics, mysticism, human rights and a passion for the essential nature of Art in opening our minds to new ways of seeing and understanding ourselves.  She has qualifications in the history of Art and Architecture, Multimedia and Visual Design, International Urban and Environmental Management and Permaculture, as well as several ‘careers’ in an assortment of occupations. Her arts practice is complimented with over thirty years of photography and writing.

Saren uses painting as a means of expressing her philosophy and how we make sense of
our experiences in life. The subject matter explores the personal, that expresses the ‘universal’ through abstracted forms, layered metaphors and symbolic iconography.
Her interest in how we arrive at a more integrated sense of our self is an underlying theme, and she tries to capture these intertwined connections in her paintings.

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