Climbing Out of the Hole

The title is actually optimistic. There is trepidation, the wolf is always there, lurking and hungry, ready to take you down at the first sign of weakness. But, I have my hand on the handle and the door is firmly shut, the lights are on and we will carry on.

This is a start. And we have to start somewhere. Watch this space as I hope to create some works for a new exhibition that will inevitable explore the events and consequences of the past tumultuous year.

Keeping the Wolf from the Door,
charcoal on paper

Upcoming Event:  GoGirls Fundraising

Art to Art Pop Up Show

You are invited to attend the POP UP show, 2 days only.


WHERE: 389 High St, Prahran, Melbourne


WHEN:  Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August 2016. From 9.00am - 4.00pm.

I along with 15 artists will be showing our work at this 'get in quick' show. Should be fantastic. 

Contact myself or visit Art to Art for more info.

A Fair Exchange, oil on canvas, Saren Dobkins

As If: When and Now


The Women’s Art Register will host a curated mini-festival of women’s artmaking, showcasing a dazzling array of women’s artistic contributions to the cultural landscape.
To see the program visit here.

AS IF: When and now

(Artists from the Women’s Art Register/past and present)


Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Gallery – 210 Lonsdale Street


30th Sept – 30th Oct, 2015
Festival closing ceremony – Wednesday 28th Oct.

45-50 artists respond (2D & 3D) to the query ‘what does artmaking mean to you?
Curated by Gail Stiffe and Rosemary Mangiamele

Exhibition History

To view previous exhibitions I have shown my work in please click here.

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