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A Gentle Reminder

It is with some delight that i can add an entry to my blog and this time with an accompanying artwork. This work, "A Gentle Reminder" is interesting for me because I am integrating a couple of different or evolving techniques into a single work. The idea of ones heart and mind being separate at times of stress or anger or disappointment and to protect oneself, the walls go up and soon one loses that essential connection we need to function truly. When the head and heart are in sync or at least "talking" to each other. Then one needs a gentle reminder from that voice in ones head and maybe a small gesture to connect back to the heart, a step ladder that links them again. The surrounding landscape is bright but fragmented and the space within which the body/mind inhabits is unreal but evocative of a place. I enjoyed working on this piece, and I hope it will serve as a gentle reminder to me and anyone who resonates with the work, that it is important to stay connected to one's true self.

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