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Between the Lines

This is my latest work, entitled "Between the Lines" . A work I initially struggled with as I wanted to create a resonant background which would exist as an extension of the main idea and character. The image travels through three layers, from the bird which acts as a sentinal and expression of self belief and centered self, through the eye which is positioned at the place the head in shadow behind it would be "seeing" through, and then to the space that surrounds the head which is in a "soup" of space represented with colour and tone. The impetus for this work was a search for truth, hence between the lines. We are immersed in words, meanings, messages but what is true, has weight amongst all the floating debris of lies, half-truths, innuendo and false explainations. Who or what to believe. The response is yourself, be true to yourself and hence the bird, the soul is alert, awake, but peaceful and at one with the self. The painting beneath this work can be seen below.

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