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Back from Europe

Well, having finally shook off that sleepy oddball jetlag, I am back in the saddle. Well, seated on the sofa is more like the truth, guiding my next venture from my trusty apple. I lurch from the depths of pointlessness to the heights of " it's worth scaling that next mountain", thoughts and so I put on my desert boots and head on up. I had a great adventure travelling around Europe, three countries in 10 days ain't recommended but someone had to do it. I caught up with old good friends which added all the necessary colour to a same same world sometimes. I went to Barcelona, Paris, Orleans, London, Dartmouth and back again. Looking for great art of course. I saw Lucien Freud at the Centre Pompidou, the lovely Mona Lisa (of course) sparks of genius in street artists and glimpsed through gallery windows that are annoyingly shut on Mondays, at sculptures and paintings that had me pawing at the glass. I took a painting that I had created to give my sister and her new to be husband, as a gift to celebrate their union. Entitled, "The Loving Journey" it is about taking that special person on your life's journey but at the same time remain connected to others as well.

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