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Back from the States

Well folks, this is a good time to be reading this. I have totally revamped my website, hopefully making it much more accessible. I was in the United States for a couple of weeks and it was very stimulating and motivated me to return and get right back into work. I had a few comments about the website so decided to act on their advice. Let me know. So where did I go? I landed in Los Angeles and visited a wonderful collection of galleries at a place called Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica. My favourite artist there was Curtis Ripley showing at the William Turner Gallery. Then we drove to Las Vegas and stayed in that crazy place for about 7 days. I saw a few interesting places and many curious things too. Wait for the pics... Then to New York for a week where I walked till I dropped. I was so fortunate to meet up with my lovely relatives and we spent the day at the MET. I spent time in SOHO and Chelsea but strangely enough having spent time at the Frick Gallery I couldn't get as much from the contemporary works on offer. I enjoyed just exploring the city, meeting people, taking photos and just being in a vibrant, happening place. I could stay a few more weeks. Trained to Boston and went to Salem as it happened on Halloween Day which is not recommend if you actually want to stop, park and walk around. Masses of people in fancy costumes, looked like a crazy vibe. Back to Melbourne, took over 36 hours but my A380 worked so no worries. Keep the comments coming and who knows, this might turn out to be the turning point.

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