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Beginning of an Idea

This rather expansive piece of canvas will have to be painted on the ground which will pose some challenges, the main one being maintaining a correct perspective that will look right when it is hung vertically, and viewed from a distance. I have put down the beginnings of an idea which is following through the idea I had after watching the strife and desperation of people who are mostly concerned with rescuing their loved ones from the deluge. The search for personal possessions and memories comes after as people shift through the sodden debris, hopeful but resigned. The person thrusting the child into the air whilst they are drowning is how we instinctively we save our children. Especially the case of the boy who insisted the rescuers take his younger brother before him and he tragically drowned. The man in the boat represents the search for lost memories and symbols of belongings beneath the water. The challenge of course is to create a piece that expresses the enormity of the event but also describes how personally everyone was affected.

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