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What's the Fish About?

Well yes this is a good question. Usually a bird appears in my work but this time a very bold and prominent fish has taken center stage. The idea came to me quite suddenly as they do when I am trying to express a very direct feeling. In this case, I suspect it was a feeling of disappointment. I had wanted something very much, and it didn't come to pass. So I translated this desire into a magnificent fish that expressed the beauty of this 'thing' but it is from another element, (water) and is not from my world. I rest my head on its fin, how close to my grasp it was and allow the acceptance to stream past me towards the light. What I need to accept and be grateful for is what I have already 'earned' or caught that waits patiently for me in the cage. The process of painting a feeling is useful in letting stuff go. Is it a sad painting? I know everyone experiences such ups and downs, the experience of living is a much a solid world that I transcribe as any 'still life' or landscape. The colours are strong but clear. It probably isn't a sophisticated work, but if I have managed to capture that point in time when a 'realisation' occurs, then I'm happy.

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