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Opening The Collector's Exhibition

I am pleased to say that I have a work on show at the upcoming Collector's Exhibition 2011. The venue is Gallery 314, 314 Church St Richmond. I think there will be around 100 artists so it will be an interesting show to say the least. I had a solo retrospective at this Gallery a few years ago now, but I do remember it is a lovely space so pleased to be able to revisit. I decided to enter The Triumphant Gardener because it is a fine, strong piece of work so hopefully it will hold its ground amongst so many works. If you are reading this and are curious about turning up, I will be gallery sitting on Thurs 8 Sept from 3pm 6pm so please drop by. However, if you can make the crazy opening on Sunday 4 from 3pm - 6pm come on down. Here's to a successful show.

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