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Sculptures of the Wounded Lovers

While the beautiful beach sands are within daily reach I have been motivated to explore new ideas using sand as a medium. With no restraints as far as the size, space and materials available, the sun on my back and the glorious sounds of breaking waves in the background, it is just pure joy to work. The subject matter may be curious considering the environment in which it is being created, but it is often when one is removed from the theatre that a fuller understanding of what the characters were dealing with comes into better focus. Depicting an intimate relationship can be a metaphor for the larger scheme of our current experiences. There is much war happening, maybe not on my land but i am still affected by the daily visions visited on my screen and the background knowledge that personal tragedies are being felt everyday. The placing of two beings in close proximity, clutching each other for security and comfort while their bodies are wounded, and so are their hearts.

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