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Kibbutz, Israel

I have have stayed on four kibbutzim, in all parts of the country, over a thirty year period. Much has changed. Staying in these communities, mixing with the volunteers, ulpanists and kibbutzniks has been one of the richest and life changing moments of my life, both creatively and mind altering. The first time I went, to Kibbutz Hasolelim I stayed around six months, that was in 1979. I worked in the kitchen, factory and in the fields. I met travelers, artists, writers. I began to awaken and question my own artistic hopes and would sketch the scenes around me, as well as write.

Kibbutz HaSolelim, 1979. The path to my room.

Kibbutz HaSolelim, 1979. The path to my room.

Bedroom, Kibbutz HaSolelim, 1979

Kibbutz HaSolelim, 1979. Interior of my room.

Kibbutz HaSolelim, Laundry

Kibbutz HaSolelim, 1979. Laundry

Kibbutz HaSolelim, Fields

Kibbutz HaSolelim, Working in the fields.

I began working with charcoal, capturing the human form in moments of tension. I went to the Negev desert and its stark, barren and stony terrain was to etch a place in my heart.

Look me in the Eye, charcoal on paper

'Look me in the eye', charcoal on paper, Saren Dobkins

Saren in the Negev desert

Bird in a stell cage, steel, talc, Saren Dobkins

'Caught Bird', Steel, Talc, Saren Dobkins, 1980

JAP, Charcoal on paper, Saren Dobkins

On the Prowl, Pastel on canvas, Saren Dobkins


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