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Roxby Downs, A Uranium Site

Marching to Roxby Downs Mine Site

We left in convoy towards the desert sands of Roxby Downs, South Australia from Adelaide. Some people rode bicycles, it took about 10 days. . We wanted to try and stop the mining of Uranium. We were concerned that the fresh water of the Great Artesian Basin would be contaminated, that the soils and air would be polluted forever. We marched, raised flags, spoke to the reporters and tried to avoid the police.

Chatting around a bin of Radioactive Waste, Roxby Downs

Gentle people, young people, alternative thinkers and anyone motivated by an awareness that this was unnecessary and would be so destructive, gathered from all over the country and sit, talk and plan actions that would spread the word and try and stop the mine going ahead. Strategic and well planned protests were discussed and implemented. It was an amazing time. I was there for about 16 days. I camped under a small tent, cooked on an open fire and shared whatever we had.

Campsite in the Red Desert Sands, Roxby Downs

Our little camp. The colours of the red desert sands and the blue sky was amazing.

Benny Zable, Protesting the mining of Uranium

Benny Zable was a standout figure in his long black outfit and gas mask. He galvanised us, informed us and demonstrated that it was important to stand up and fight for the environment and the future well being of the planet.

Campsite of protestors, Roxby Downs

A camp at the site, a banner hangs above them. The artworks were amazing.

Mother and child, Roxby Downs

Young mother with her newborn son.

Saren Dobkins

I was pretty laid back then.

Police waiting for Protestors, Roxby Downs

The police surrounded us and often acted very aggressively towards us, despite ours being a peaceful protest. In the end, the mine went ahead. What are we going to do with all the radioactive waste that will have a half life of 150,000 years. Let's more than hope that it doesn't find it's way into our underground fresh water table.

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