It all starts with a blank canvas

So I want to document the process of creating my next painting. I will post as much as I am able; the idea, influences, sketches and process of the painting. The work will be part of an exhibition that I am gestating. This is a large canvas, about 168cm x 138 cm. It is stapled to a support, not stretched. I don't have an easel large enough to support a canvas this size. The canvas is in my living room, I don't have a studio at the moment.

The idea behind the painting which has a working title of, 'Nobody Knows the Battle that wages', is what or rather who we don't show to the other. Our fears, our child-self, our memories, our vulnerabilities, our secrets. Everything we believe that will frighten the other away I suppose. So we introduce someone we hope will attract the other, not realising the other person is probably doing exactly the same. Who then do we meet, or fall in love with?

A White Canvas - Very Avant Garde!

Nobody Knows the Battle that wages.

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