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Hard To Sleep With All the Howling

I never anticipated what I would have to give up to have a studio. I have me here, unspoken, unspeaking for most of the time. I'm blessed that I have found the company of three lovely women, but the aspects of the life that I had in Melbourne is sometimes overwhelming in sadness and loss and I never imagined I would feel this so acutely. I had created a place there; a good income which gave me choices, my children nearby, my cat, my good neighbours, cinemas, cafes and writers and friends. I walked away from it all, because I wanted a studio in the sun. Maybe soon there will be a studio and out of this space paintings will arise.

Hard to Sleep with all the Howling, 2019

Hard to Sleep with all the Howling, oil on canvas, 102 x 88cm, 2019

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