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Qld University Art Museum Collection

On Friday 26th July I attended the opening of the Qld University Art Museum Exhibition, Unlearning. I had been delighted to learn that one of my paintings, "Watching My Life Go By" 2000, which had been purchased for their collection was being included in their Workshop show. I drove to Brisbane, and after meeting up with a couple of dear old friends I arrived at the venue around 6pm. To my confusion, I saw a long queue and I thought that there must be a sporting event on the same time. When I entered the building, there were even more people and then I realised that all these hundreds were here for the show. I managed to find my painting, it was upstairs among. There it was! I hadn't seen it for over 20 years. I was so warmed inside. I spoke to a few people, and the response to the work was very positive and affirming. It belonged here and, to be acknowledged by my peers was so brilliant after so many years of feeling like an outsider. Just this experience, opened a door inside me. so you never know how an event nearly 20 years ago could appear in your life in such a positive way in the now.

The Qld University had actually bought two of my works, the other one is "Caught in the Middle' 2000. I wonder if I'll see that one again..

Caught in the Middle, oil on paper

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