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The Dragonfly Studio is Open

It's a miracle. When the impossible becomes possible.. the feeling is otherworldly. But she exists and arrived, with 5 days before the opening of Noosa Open Studio. The Pine Avenue Studio will be open over the next two weeks, from 10 – 4pm, so if you are interested to visit you are most welcome. I have a collection of current works and older works. A few smaller works and some larger ones. I respond to the unfolding of my experiences, be they actions I encounter or feelings that arise and seem to need capturing in an image. I have felt the departure of my daughter, a good adventure for her but I do feel her absence, and the departure to the underworld of my dear old white cat, Meeka. She keeps appearing in the works and I welcome her. Then there is the sunshine, the blue skies, the green hued ocean and the plentitude of birds that flock around and keep me highly amused. All these recent 'new' events filter past my consciousness and tell me their own story.

Entrance to the Pine Avenue studio

The opening of the Noosa Open Studio is on from Friday 16th August until Sunday 25th from 10 – 4pm. Please contact me if you would like to visit the gallery during the week. I am mostly here and happy to see you if you want to drop by. If you are interested in visiting the other studios, please visit for more information.

Some new works available are sure to delight.

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