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After the Rain


I wake up early here. The sun shines into my face and there's no getting back to sleep. It rained yesterday, loudly and with sparks. The cracks from the heavens are bone chilling. I surveyed my garden, the new plants smiling and it makes me happy too. I've always wanted to be able to plant a garden and be around to watch it grow. There are a few events happening here which brings a skip to my step. Attending the Digital Hub at Peregian Beach. Meeting loads of switched on, motivated and happy to share digital insiders. I wanted to know about social media as an artist, how much about myself can I safely put out there and still balance it with being available. My awareness of the data, my personal expressions, the moment I click upload, goes to a field that will be available to someone else and then that information is manipulatable. But only I can decide that for myself. Then there is the weeding with the Noosa Bush Regeneration Group I go along to on a Thursday. Who'd a thought, pulling weeds could be so cathartic and playful. But I have made such good friends with the folks that also go along, and one thing I now experience as a singleton, is the only way I'm going to get that connection is by getting out there.

On Saturday, off to Boreen Point to attend the opening of Floating Land. A Noosa Art Exhibition where Art is immersed within the environment. It was a very relaxing and pleasant day. I saw a few familiar faces, which always add a deeper dimension to being somewhere. The artworks where near or in Lake Cootharaba, and it was so beautiful. Lyndon Davis and three dancers held the best Corroboree I've attended. He was so full of life, stories, anecdotes, quips and just so confident.

The Pulsating Orbs

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