Getting ready for The Art of Dining

It has been quite an intense few weeks getting the artworks for the upcoming event that is called The Art of Dining. I was invited to exhibit 12 artworks at Mister Bianco. I created 7 new artworks that I will be taking down to Melbourne with me. Chef Joe Vargetto is creating five courses in response to the artworks and I am so curious to find out how it all goes. The dinner will be on Tuesday 22nd Oct. One of the courses, will be in the dark. A blind tasting. I have a painting The Blind Leading the Blind which I am so delighted can be part of this. Then there are the works inspired by my feeling of just wanting to disappear into the ocean, a series of sketches I did in 2012. How appropriate I can use them to bounce off and create a new series of three works from. Actually I made four.

The Calling

The Calling, 90 x 80cm, oil on canvas. We think we know who we are. But sometimes, that identity can feel like it's keeping us in a place that no longer inspires us. This work is a story of transformation. To shift, she listens deeply. The promise that she will become her self, is like a whisper on the breeze. The translucent bird calls her and the bird, which is a voice from the past, lets her go.


Immersion, 90 x 80cm, oil on canvas. She ventures into the ocean and experiences that exhilarating feeling of the wave crashing against her Painting water is quite a challenge and so capturing the fluid nature of the water, with a directional force was my intention.The ocean is a metaphor for our deeper, subconscious selves. This is where our truth lies, inside the quiet mind.

The Ocean Becomes Her

The Ocean Becomes Her, 90 x 80cm, oil on canvas. A metaphor for unity, this vibrant painting is about joy, delight and being at one in your own space. A fish in water is always in it's element. Her colours mirror the sky.

Mother and Child

Mother and Child, 90 x 80cm, oil on canvas. A tender moment. A mother gently cradles her child. The flowers are bright and abundant to show their delight.


Rising, 90 x 89cm, oil on canvas. The figure rises, floating in a glorious sky. As if free from the weight of thoughts, desires and worry. I marvel at the freedom of birds and imagine what it must feel like to fly. This work shimmers, the warm colours thickly painted creates the sensation of a solid space yet the figures soar.

Out of the Fire, 60 x 50cm, oil on canvas. This tries to capture the tumult of nature, by the recent bushfires that were burning up in Queensland. A kangaroo resolutely moves from the burning landscape towards a safer place. I wanted to acknowledge the movement, beauty and resilience of our natural wildlife who live in such harsh conditions.

While She Waits, 50 x 60cm, oil on canvas. She sits quietly. She waits, undisturbed by the busyness around her.

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