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A trip to the Top

I just love how things unfold. I am ridiculously unfocused yet my attention on where I want to go never falters.. and as a result I had a brilliant week although none of it had been written in my diary.

I took a trip to Brisbane to deliver the painting The Feathered Protection to a very inspiring and enthralling collector. I was invited out to dinner and it was marvellous. Being in the city, flowing and interesting conversation and a chance to be engaged with a like minded soul was priceless.

I'll be heading up to Toowoomba in a few days, a long drive that I am not too keen on but delivering painting is the flavour of the month I see. I have 6 works in this highly successful Art Show and I and really looking forward to being there on the Sneak Peek Thursday 25th and spend some time with my cousins too.

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