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I have been preoccupied for the past few weeks with preparing and then being in the studio for the duration of the Noosa Open Studios. I had around 110 visitors and each one was a delight. I had some really interesting conversations and in particular, about Art. I can tell you, I am often starved of such conversations so this was a great opportunity to share my thoughts and listen to others around my favourite subject.

A common theme I heard from people who were visiting the studio, was how they responded to my work as stories. It is interesting to hear this and I think I will pivot to showing my work on the website from this perspective. There are common themes in the artwork, not necessarily with any deliberation but there is certain imagery that I call upon that I feel represents the idea or meaning that I am painting about in each work.

Although I have previously laid out this digital portfolio, as this website has been, over thirty years of work arranged in a chronological order, it has now beenorganised along the themes that I have identified as being 'major' or frequent. This means that there will be less works listed as not everything aligns with the main themes. I'll ponder on this in due course.

The themes are as follows: Abstract, Birds, Connections, Courage, Environment, Headspace, Insight, Justice, Love and Seascape.

After an event such as the Open Studio, the feeling on the other side is often one of quiet repose. There was a lovely gathering of friends and neighbours in the studio. Then I closed the doors. What next?

Well, if you're interested, stay posted. I have a few ideas up my sleeve and as I cant sit still doing nothing for very long, I will be onto the next project very soon.

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