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Have you ever seen a dog surf?

Setting goals, and achieving them can be the icing on the cake. Riding my bicycle to Hastings Street from my studio had been one such goal. I finally got my butt on seat, peddled and made it there, on Sunday. It’s not that far, but that’s where goals can be so deceptive. They can look impossible until you take the first step. I was pleased with myself anyway and the motivation? Why, it was to watch the Dog Surfing Competition of course! It was a gorgeous day, and the Noosa Main Beach was buzzing. The number of people just sitting back, or wading in the lapping waves, watching the surfboards with dogs and their paddlers, riding the gentle waves was so great!

It was the final event in the Noosa Festival of Surfing. I'm sorry I didn’t see any of the other surfing events, a bit slow on the uptake there. Next year!

Meanwhile, I am on track, I’m happy to say of achieving another long held goal. To mount a solo exhibition, entitled “Where There’s Smoke” at the Butter Factory Art Centre in Cooroy. I very gratefully received a RADF grant from the Noosa Council, which has been a very welcome support towards my creating a series of around 20 paintings. They are an evocative interpretation of the recent bushfires as an analogy of our response to unexpected and life changing events. The bushfires were a significant and potent reminder of our fragility where the forces of Nature are concerned.

The opening will be on the 8th May 2020. I hope you can join us. The openings are always such a good experience at the Butter Factory. I’ll post more details to follow.

Equally exciting is the train is leaving the station as far as the Noosa Open Studio event is concerned. I am on the committee too, which is exciting. We had the AGM on Saturday and it’s official! This band of enthusiastic and dedicated artists will be working towards creating an event that is open over a couple of weekends from 14th – 23rd August. Last year nearly 70 artists opened their studios to the public and we intend to make this year even better for everyone to enjoy. Book your holiday in Noosa soon so you don’t miss out!

A Smokey Afternoon 30 x 40cm oil on canvas 2020

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