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Monday morning the 3rd October! After a mammoth effort these past few days, I finally crashed. Bed by 6.30pm. Nobody tucked me in with a hot chocolate. I went voluntarily and slept soundly until 6 this morning. The sun is up too, which is a great sign. The other sign is the flapping Noosa Open Studios flag outside my studio, a ART STUDIO OPEN one and a few other bits and pieces that would alert anyone passing by that treasures are to found within.

I have approached this year with a different perspective. Lowered expectations for one with more to offer. Smaller works, Framed works that will look good as a punch signature piece.

They speak of love, flowers, sunshine and colours. A few more abstracted works which I love too.

I pursued with creating the framing in an epic learning curve. I went through four drop saws, five including the generous lend of one to finally finish the last 16 mitre cuts. I ended up with buying one from a random encounter and hope this one will be a faithful worker. I guess I finally committed to owning a piece of heavy electrical equipment. But if the small paintings remain unsold was it worth it?

Once again, we may plan for what could be the best outcome but beyond that it is all outside our control.

I had a launch party of my own here in the studio. I invited my neighbours because these are the people that make it a good place live. And there is no price on peace. A few friends who enjoy hanging out with me even after a few wines and the music is on for dancing. I'm in danger of losing the 'fun' in my life, having to party on your own is never quite as fun. So it worked out perfectly.

I had a few people drop into the studio over the past couple of days. The conversations were interesting and engaging. It's a pleasure to share the works, hear what people think and feel when they see them.

It has been quite outstanding working alongside the people who are part of this year's Noosa Open Studio committee. So committed, hardworking, generous and focused. Everyone putting in so much effort so make an idea "actualise". I think one of the highlights was gathering on the beach at sunrise, to collate all the 3D/2D artworks to be photographed for the marketing of the launch and fundraising event that happened at the Saw and Mill last week. The adventure of it. The beauty of the surroundings, Seeing all the works together and arranging them as a work of art in themselves. Then coffee at Aromas on Hastings Street after. This is what makes it all so worthwhile. Making friends.

So let's see what happens over the next few days? I do invite anyone who happens to be reading and wants a painting by yours truly to come by. I have a sweetener! A few amazing pieces are heavily reduced only for the NOS period though. ONLY $950. Wow.

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