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Herstory in the Making

Studio Exhibition Opening on Saturday 26th March 2022

I would like to invite you to an unusual exhibition, in that it is a culmination of works over time and will be held in the studio over two days. Born out of a desire to try something different and begin the year with a personal show among good friends.

I have curated 18 paintings from the artist collection to tell a story of this artist's journey with artworks from 1997 until today. Some artworks have lain dormant for over 25 years. They have been pulled out into the light of day but they continue to speak to the subject matter that initiated their conception. Recurring motifs and subject matter include; the search for identity, the question of love and forgiveness, our enduring connection to the environment and what calls us to act on its behalf.

The studio will be open on Sat 26th March from 2pm - 6pm but it will be going as long as there are conversations on the deck. It will be open on Sunday 27th March 10am - 4pm.

If you can RSVP by Friday 25th, that'll help with making sure there will be plenty to eat and drink.

Studio Address: 18 Pine Avenue, Tewantin, QLD.

email if you have any questions???

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