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It's so close, I can nearly touch it.

The momentum is palpable. It's only five weeks to go until the Noosa Open Studios is upon us once again. There have been a number of events that are happening, which just goes to show that so much more is involved in this event outside of the 10 days it is supposed to be all about. We had the collection and photographing the 2D/3D collaboration at The Spit, designing of posters, flyers, newspaper articles, aprons and bags. Collection of all the flags and corflutes from one old storage unit and transporting them to another storage unit, unloading, restickering them with the new dates, and then the organising of the exhibition. The collection and distribution of 10,000 guide books! Meetings every month that can go for three hours, as all the ins and outs are discussed. But it is a triumph. It is looking fantastic. Everyone is so pumped.

NOS Committee on route between storage units. Keeping it real.

Ladies hard at work.

And today is the opening of the exhibition Studios 100 at the Butter Factory Art Centre in Cooroy. There will be artworks from all of the artists who are opening their studios on the Noosa Art Trail in October. I had been given the task of orchestrating this event as a subset of my committee hat as Gallery Liaison. I was at the gallery on Wednesday, helping Kevin Wilson and Jordan in the setting up of the rooms etc. It was going well until the back seizure brought me to my knees again. So off to the chiropractor again. The opening today will be fun though. Hopefully the rain will cease for a couple of hours this afternoon. I'm showing 'Reclaiming Lost Love'.

Reclaiming Lost Love, 91 x 91cm, oil on canvas


The brainchild of Beryl Purvis is the 2D/3D collaboration. We invited 3D artists to in good faith, hand over their artwork for a 2D artist to embellish with their own distinctive take, with no expectations and the skies the limit approach. 60 artists stood up and we have 30 pieces of unique art that will be auctioned on Sept 22nd. Incorporating the official launch of Noosa Open Studios 2022 it will be quite a night. Grab your tickets now.

I went along one early morning to help the team of four unload all the artworks onto the beach as the sun rose. They were beautifully photographed. I have three pieces that I collaborated with Carol Watkins. All different. In the first one, the tall vase, it ws my first time using underglaze. I was trying for an abstract piece that was playful. The second I hand painted a little pot using oil paint. It is a scene on the river, two little red boats. One has a fisherwoman and her cat, while the other has a vase of flowers. The third pot, I returned to using the under glazing and was inspired by a painting I did in 2014.


The Guide is OUT!


I made an alphabet wall frieze for my great-nephew's birthday. His name is Otis. He turned ONE. :)

First come the letters, Then come the words...and then you have the key to the Universe

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