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Last Weekend of the Open Studios

It was a fine day last Monday, Trail 1 was open and I had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of a coffee cart. But alas, technical issues put those best laid plans to bed. So I made one of my own. The studio is open over the next three days, Friday 8th - Sunday10th.

You are most welcome to drop by, browse and say hello if you are roaming around this part of the woods.

The workshop Drawing Your Voice was most enjoyable. Over two hours we explored the ways we can 'hear' our inner voice and begin to express images that are unique to us. It was very relaxed and everyone contributed in an enthusiastic and open manner that was quite refreshing.

I have about 30 paintings, well a few less now as some have sold, in the studio for the duration of the Art Trail. Some have been seen before of course, and some are unstretched and are being offered at a reduced price. These make it easy to transport too, as they can be rolled and safely posted. There are around 10 new works on show as well. I have had some really positive responses to The Grass is Always Greener, Hiding Behind Flowers I,

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