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Love and Other Yearnings

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Here I am gallery sitting at Juniper ArtSpace, situated in the Pomona Distillery in Pomona for the afternoon. It's a beautiful warm and sunny day. With the recent memory of chilly Melbourne, feeling the warmth fills me with gratitude. It's a bit unnerving just watching strangers look at the paintings and it makes me wonder if I selected the best work to hang.

Love and Other Yearnings, a selection of paintings that responded to how deeply we feel about expressing that enduring and vital emotion of Love. Using the motif of flowers to represent this feeling, we can see that the value of having love is most vital and meaningful, when we share it or give it to another. The fragility and transience of flowers, that bloom for only a short period of time, describe how love that once thought to last forever, can also pass.

Meanwhile back in the studio. I had a lovely break, five days in Melbourne traveling with my Dad which was fantastic. We went to the NGV and ACMI, visited Castlemaine and the loudest, wildest Greek restaurant in Oakleigh. Hanging out with my son and catching up with friends.

Never To Old To Be Reborn, oil on canvas, 60 x 76cm

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