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Staying One Step in Front

It's been a week that went by so fast, just staying one foot in front is tricky. I'm working away from the studio now as a Peer Mentor which is a very interesting development. I really gain a lot from the work but being able to access the studio during the day is now curtailed. I haven't quite adjusted to the interruption. And now the Noosa Open Studio trail is but a week away! I hope that you will be able to make it to the studios that are opening their doors to the public in this lovely part of the world. I have been working on some smaller works and some ideas inspired by the real events imposed on us by the rules of behaviour attributed to controlling the virus.

The Best News though is my winning the Portrait Prize with Blowing Darts. In this work I expressed the personal push and pull, between surrendering to the seduction of ‘things’ outside of me that relax me and the desire to keep aiming for something beyond my current state of mind. The blowing of the darts shows a 'gentle' approach to moving towards one's dreams or goals. I referenced Jasper Johns in the use of the Target, an abstract expressionist painter from the 1950's a very successful painter. He achieved his goal. It was great too that my folks happened to be visiting and joined me at the opening at Butter Factory Arts Centre. It is currently on view at the gallery until 17th Oct. For more info visit ....


Tomorrow, Saturday 25th September, the paintings are being delivered to Wallace House, the Art Hub for the Noosa Open Studios. This means over the period, 1st -10th Oct, every artist will have an artwork which represents their art practice on display. Also, there will be the 35 deckchairs painted by artists form NOS which will be set up along the Gympie Terrace, Noosaville. They will be shown on Sunday 26th Sep at the Noosa Botanical gardens from 10am to be auctioned off. Last year it went off! So I really encourage you to try and make the trip to the Botanical Gardens and join in the buying frenzy. Everything is locally made and every sale goes towards supporting the great effort of the Noosa Open Studio for next year.

Each Has Their Own Heaven, oil on canvas, 50 x 60cm 2021

Group Think, digital image, ©SarenDobkins2021

My Studio a couple of years ago. Look at it NOW!

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