Saren Dobkins

Originally from Zambia

Lives & works in Tewantin, QLD, Australia


During her painting career which spans nearly 30 years, Saren has been committed to exploring an oeuvre that explores human dilemmas, interactions and desires. She has traveled extensively all her life, having lived in Zambia, Scotland, Israel and Australia which has given her an open, curious and empathetic perspective that is reflected in her work. As a mother, this has provided her with a tenacity and patience to pursue her passion as well as create meaningful, tender and powerful imagery that evokes the bonds and tensions of this  and other close relationships. Saren has pursued many different avenues of study, from the Arts to Design, Multimedia, Social Studies and Permaculture.  These varying avenues of thought and literature have fed into her content, lending her work a highly contemporary and intellectual framework into which she weaves a personal commentary.  Her work can be interpreted from a narrative perspective that is expressive and philosophical.

Of late, her direction has evolved towards exploring the transformational effects of practicing mindfulness. This has opened many new avenues of research and practical application to guide her towards a life that can be lived more fully and in doing so, add a deeper and more meaningful layer to the work.

A contemporary Australian painter, her work also suggests that she was influenced by the myriad of visual inputs and experiences that she was exposed to as a child. The evocative power of a bold use of colour, strong dramatic forms, a sculptural weight to objects and the representation of the figure to express the “story” are some examples.

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2019 - Unlearning, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane

2018 - Raising the Bar, Melbourne

2014 - As Within, So Without. Melbourne

2013 - Celebration, Melbourne

2012 - A Moment of Insight, Melbourne

2011 - Studio Show 2011, Melbourne

2011 - The Collector's Exhibition, Melbourne

2011 - A Sketchbook Project, New York

2011 - Studio Show, Melbourne

2010 - Place and Belonging-Women's Salon 2010 - Counihan Gallery Melbourne

2009 - CUSP Geelong Grammar School, Corio

2008 - Cafe FM Artist's studio, Melbourne
2008 - Art Melbourne '08, Melbourne
2008 - Portrait '08  Group Show, Melbourne
2007 - Canterbury Art Show. Melbourne
2006 - Canterbury Art Show Melbourne
2005 - On Reflection Gallery 314, Melbourne
2005 - Paintings Artholes Gallery, Melbourne
2004 - Port Phillip Art Show, Melbourne
2004 - Paintings Artholes Gallery,Melbourne
2004 - Canterbury Art Show, Melbourne
2002 - Observations & Reflections, Melbourne
2000 - Laverty Art Gallery, Brisbane
2000  - The Archibelle 2000, Brisbane 

1999  - Quisqualis ArtSpace, Brisbane

1998 - An Eclectic Collection, Brisbane

1998 - Brisbane City Gallery,  Brisbane

1998 - Ocular Smith & Smith, Brisbane

1998 - Impact Institute of Modern Art Brisbane

1997 - City Gallery, Adelaide

1997 - QuisQualis ArtSpace, Brisbane

1997 - Palace Gallery, Brisbane

1997 - Odelesque Gallery, Brisbane

1997 - Sheraton Mirage Resorts, Gold Coast

1996 - Seccumb ArtSpace, Brisbane

1996 - Drawings Metro Arts, Brisbane

1996 - Bauhaus Gallery, Brisbane

1995 - Qld College of Arts Gallery Brisbane

1993 - Metro Art Gallery, Brisbane

1989 - Wholefoods Gallery, Geelong

1989 - Shoulder to Shoulder Traveling Australia

1989 - ArtZone Gallery, Adelaide

Paintings by Saren Dobkins

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