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Come For The Party, Stay for the Art!

It's just around the corner. Come Saturday 23rd March, the opening of A Sigh Of The Times at Art Post in Gympie is happening. I have been to a few openings at this very innovative and interesting exhibiting space and the atmosphere is always electric and interesting. It is always worth the trip, so I hope you can make it to Gympie for the opening too.

I was busy yesterday putting up the 24 paintings that are distributed throughout the three spaces in the gallery. I had so much help from Charmaine Lyons and Sandra Ross so the install day was hard but fun too.

Photography Charmaine Lyons

I have made a small catalogue which will be available on Saturday to take as a momento. I use this word deliberately as there was the need for momentum is in the process of working towards a show and there is a work entitled Momentum hanging. It's a peaceful piece. There are some rather strong works on show, as the events over the past few months has been quite tough on many people around the world as well as here in Australia.

My artist's statement reads:

What difference if any, can a painting make?  I often ask myself this question. Because I have always cared deeply about making a difference to the ways we treat each other, our world and ourselves.  I have been educated and worked in many professions that would, if actually implemented, make a difference, but still found myself with no means to influence the trajectory of our societies’ runaway trains of unsustainable and entrenched thoughts, beliefs and actions.  

My underlying drive to paint therefore, has been to ask the questions in a space that leapfrogs the conventions of how things are, into the space of what’s possible, if we shift our perspective.  It is the way I express how much I care. 

This exhibition includes works from 1997, in part to show that we may have churned through years, but we are still facing similar situations. As a painter I observe, I reflect and I create new worlds, unshackled from the restraints of gravity, law, prejudice and fear.  Painting probably can’t make a difference, but it gives me the opportunity to share my ideas: quietly, poetically and directly.

Art Post 22 Channon St (cnr Duke St) Gympie

Exhibition from March 20th - April 12th 2024

Acknowledge my appreciation for receiving a RADF Grant towards this exhibition.

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