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xmas is just around the corner and I'm not too far behind

The year 2023 broke all the speed trials so far. I'm still catching up and it's already December.

Ninbella Gallery in Bangalow, NSW invited me to show in their gallery and I delivered 7 paintings in November. It's a lovely gallery.

Invited to participate in the Art Lovers Australia, The Collectors exhibition at Hope Island in November.

I'll Take You There, oil on canvas 61 x61cm

Eclectica Art Award, Butter Factory Art Centre December

Two paintings were included in the Eclectica Art Exhibition. For consideration of Animal Portrait I submitted, 'The Black Hole Theory According to Mars' and for the Erotica Section, 'The Absent Lover'.

Du Rietz Art Award, Gympie

The Class Clown, oil on canvas, 122 x 91cm

Juniper Gallery, Pomona

Love and Other Yearnings 25 May - 22 June

Mirror Mirror, Butter Factory Art Centre, Cooroy

This was a curated exhibition where a specific concept was asked of the artists to repsond to. Painting the Mirror, oil on canvas, 60 x 60cm was a self portrait of the artist. I placed myself within my studio, paitining the reflection that I saw in the mirror. Hence the paintings are reveresed and we see through the glass 'canvas' as she paints herself. "A Fragmented Perspective' has the construction of a face, made from lego bricks adhered to the mirror. THis speaks to the myriad of small bits of ourselves that make up a 'whole' personality that we see as ourselves when we look at our reflection in the mirror. A construct.

Noosa Open Studios

I'd Be Lost Without You NOS Studio 100 September Butter Factory Art Centre

I was delighted to be invited to participate as a finalist in the Omnia Art Prize in May. I was fortunate to be in Melbourne at the time, visiting with my Dad so I got to attend the opening.

The Consequences of Doing Nothing

The hardest part this year was being plagued by constant excruciating back pain. It really impacted my getting around and being able to do much of anything really. But i was able to ride my bike and ride I did. To the beach some days and i would swim in our glorious ocean. It was temporary relief and what a beautiful environment.

I began to volunteer for BFAC in September. It's been one of the best jobs I've had, and I've had a few! I love meeting the visitors and being around the groovy people who also work at the Butter Factory. It's a really lovely place.

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