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Studios 100 and Aprons!

Art Is Served

All hands on deck for the Art is Served event. The bar was busy and the good wine complimented the amazing canapés that Matt Golinski was busily preparing in the tiny kitchen just behind them! It is these intimate, grass roots enterprises that make this place so special. Everyone just chips in and makes it happen. We had an very energetic auctioneer who kicked the evening off with a bang, and then it was off. 26 aprons, all so different were sold at break-net speed. I was in the background, packing them as they rolled in. Then the evening is over! And all these months of planning, painting, organising, making invitations and getting the media was done! The next day, back at the Butter Factory Art Centre was the launch of the Art Guide and the opening of the Studios 100 exhibition.

I'd Be Lost Without You, oil on canvas, 120 x 91cm, 2023

Studios 100 Exhibition showcasing the artists participating in the 2023 Noosa Open Studios Art Trail. The opening was on Saturday 2nd September. A great turnout, Good food, lots of buzz and goodwill. Moments like these I am so grateful to be part of this outstanding event. It really shows how vibrant and creative this community is and the support is amazing.

The Art Trail Guide book is OUT! I'm listed on page 34.

I've created 36 posters with different artworks for each one that will be in the studio during NOS. Ive been posting them in Tewantin and it has created some interesting conversations.

Open Studios Opens on 6th Oct

Meanwhile, back in the studio it's a time warp. So far I have collated about 40 works that will be available for the Open Studios. I had my friend Jo come over and help me organise them which was great. She helped me to see connections and hung them in a really interesting and inspiring way. I'm too close I think so my choices are determined by other factors. She was able to see them as others might do.

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