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We share the same Heart

We Share the Same Heart

It was with a rather sad heart that I learned that my submission of 'We Share the Same Heart" to the Alice Art Prize was not accepted. I was hopeful, but then aren't we always when we cast our best selves into the ring and hope that we will be chosen. I must admit, I would have loved to have been able to show my work as part of the exhibition. After all, it was in Alice Springs all those years ago, over 30 in fact, I had began to explore the possibility of being an artist. I was the first student to request to do Art at Year 12 at the only high school. I like the patterns and cycles that life often but unexpectedly shows us, but at the same time I know as much as we can influence the outcomes we desire, we usually have no control over what shows up when there are so many variables. If anyone is moved by this work, please contact me.

However, it was really nice to have the magazine ArtEdit showcase my work and a short bio, in their latest Summer edition. I'm going to show you the page.

ArtEdit Q&A Saren Dobkins

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