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Going, Going, Gone

Take Me With You

Take Me With You, Oil on Canvas, 2018

The river of change is happening folks and I am wading into the stream. As many of you know, I have longed to move up north, open my studio so I can actually paint more than one painting at a time and not have to tidy away my turps etc, have my own gallery space, write as much as I can before I forget my crazy life and be the most inspiring and transformational coach I feel drawn to being. And so I am heading up north. To pursue this ridiculous dream of making good shit happen. It’s a shaky future, of course. So I gave it some thought when the fear rises up, since there are a number of expenses that are quite a challenge, to walk the talk and put a number of my paintings out there, and see if I can work towards my goal of raising $5000. It will be an amazing help.

All works that are listed on here at Art On Sale are available at up to half price. If you especially like one and you want to it stay in Melbourne, otherwise I have to transport them all back to QLD, and then they’ll go mouldy, so just let me know. I have a collection of works that are going to go at really fair prices, and if one sells and then another, in time my goal will be reached and everyone else ends up with an amazing piece of art that tells a unique story. So if the story means something to you, feel free to reach out.

Works listed as Unframed are off the stretcher so they can be rolled and posted. Too easy.

Here's a selection but the real fun here..

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