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In Two Minds About This

I am very fortunate. On occasion I can visit one of the most beautiful, unspoilt and invigorating places and walk along the beach. I always find something to inspire me. Sometimes I create a sand sculpture or drawing, but mostly I come across things that are spark my minds eye. Like the other day, I came across this swan. It wondered, what is the story here. I was in two minds about whether to lug it up the beach for safe keeping, as my first thought was all that plastic on the ocean. But then I thought, maybe I should allow it to drift. I wont interfere in its passage. So I left it to drift. It was so incongruous, this flamboyant, well constructed yet lonely bird. I doubt that as long as it will float along, it will not find another of its kind.


Turning Back the Tide, oil on four pine panels, 145 x 173cm $4200

Turning Back the Tide is a flat sculpture. The pieces can be rearranged. Each piece can be a work on its own. I had created sculptures like this before. The cat, with the attributes of a heavenly creature holds his paw to hold the human who is in two minds, to keep going or to let go the rope that tie him to the mortal world. The touch is as a whisper, as the one we may hear from our own deep depths. The angel form, that encapsulates the forces of Nature, evokes the tension of the fine line we walk between heaven and earth.

Mars supervises as I begin the painting.


Countdown to Xmas. I had come to a crossroad, not uncommon but always an opportunity to reassess. I mine my experience, internal and external to inspire a dialogue that I use to inspire a painting. Does this make them too self-referential and personal. Maybe for some. But on the other hand, most of what we experience is relatable as we are all similar in so many ways. What's different or unique, is how we choose to interpret the experience. With a roadblock then, I decided to use this frustration in a creative way, like crossing off the days on a calendar, to mark down the days to Xmas. I posted each day on Instagram, The result was unexpected but I really liked it as an overall piece, when I placed them together.

Noosa River has a beautiful light as the sun sets. Having the time to spend with friends and family round a delicious meal, there's nothing better. The only decision I was in two minds about was whether to have the Beef Pho or the Chicken Pho.

In Two Minds, 76 x 89cm, oil on canvas, $2000

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