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The Collection is Coming Together

February 9, 2014

It has been a busy couple of weeks, which is nice. The paintings are coming along and some of them I am really pleased with.  I have just completed Comfortably Numb, a larger work that explores complacency. Not a very sexy subject, but the experience I had meeting Micha after so many years was such a bolt to my sense of comfort, that i had to address it. I have combined the vastness of the desert, a rabbit which represents my Chinese horoscope sign and vulnerability. The hammock evokes a feeling of comfort, relaxation, holiday in the sun. She is suspended in this place and looks in the mirror, and sees a reflection of herself as the wounded rabbit, her soul is pierced. However, i also feel that the airy and lightness of the painting provides the space for hope and openness.


I went to a really enjoyable opening last Friday at Anna Pappas Gallery. The work was very post-modern, painting certainly is dead in this universe. So i had a beer and managed to strike up a conversation with some people who were anything but.  I met my first paint maker, and it was thrilling to actually have a conversation with someone about the loveliness of yellow. I do use alot of yellow, I feel it is so evocative, warm to cool and resonant. Yellow makes me happy and I am lucky enough as a painter to include it as much as I like in my surroundings.  I have just started a new work called, Living on the Edge, and it uses yellow to create the energy of the universe. Wow. i hope it comes across that way, it won't have a figure either which is an interesting development for me. The idea has a figure and the sketches too, but i think it makes sense without one which is preferably for impact and simplicity.



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